Siderean Software Announces Availability of Seamark Navigator 4.1

Oct 31, 2006

Siderean Software, a provider of faceted navigation solutions, has announced the availability of Seamark Navigator 4.1. Seamark Navigator 4.1 is designed to enable enterprise users to discover and use enterprise and web-based information available for decision-making. The upgraded enterprise navigation solution features a number of visualization enhancements to interactively present relationships, analyses, and trends.

The latest version of Seamark Navigator applies advanced analytics to compute sums, averages, maximums, and minimums over numeric facet values, enabling enterprise users to survey and track aggregated results from multiple data repositories at a glance. Seamark Navigator 4.1 also incorporates hierarchical clustering and entity-level security. New features and functionalities include: robust analytics capabilities, including chart support, table support and date/time support; point and click Navigation Builder for increased flexibility; point and click Information Feed Support for RDBMS, LDAP, and Web Service protocols; standards-based SPARQL support for querying disparate data sources; hierarchical clustering to allow exponential increase in scalability; data provenance and role-based security; and Tag Library support for enhancing user customization.