Siderean Partners With Inxight Federal Systems for Relational Navigation

May 01, 2007

Siderean Software, a provider of relational navigation solutions, has entered into a reseller agreement with Inxight Federal Systems, a provider of government software solutions for information discovery. Siderean will be added to Inxight’s GSA-approved price list, enabling Inxight’s government customers to propel information discovery, access, and participation. By combining Inxight’s SmartDiscovery platform with Siderean’s patented relational navigation technology, users can navigate through large volumes of information to pinpoint content containing relevant information.

Inxight’s software structures unstructured data by “reading” text and extracting important entities, such as people, places and organizations. It also extracts facts and events involving these entities, such as travel events, purchase events, and organizational relationships. Siderean’s Seamark Navigator then builds on this newly structured data, providing a relational navigational interface designed to allow users to put multi-source content in context to drive improved discovery, access, and participation across the information flow.