Shoppers Prefer Brands to Email Them

Oct 25, 2016


Bluecore, a customer experience platform empowering marketers to take immediate action on behavioral and product data, released a new report, “How Millennials Actually Want Brands to Engage with them.” Despite the assumption that most consumers – and particularly younger generations – favor brief interactions across social channels, the research found that more than two-thirds of consumers prefer brands to communicate with them via email, rather than through social media channels.

The overwhelming preference for email communications from brands was echoed across Baby Boomers (73%), Generation X (71%), Millennials (62%), and Generation Z (65%), according to the research. Furthermore, more than half of all the shoppers said smartphones are their primary devices for reading email.

In addition to looking at consumers’ preferred modes of communication from brands and the devices they use to read those communications, the study also explored the use of Gmail’s “Promotions” Tab, which was once thought to be the death knell of email marketing. The research found that more than 60% of Gmail users access the “Promotions” tab to find brand deals and offers when they’re ready to shop – and 47% percent of them check the tab daily.

Highlights of the report include:

  • 68% of survey respondents, in all four demographics, said they prefer to receive brand communications via email.
  • More than half (53%) of all survey respondents say their smartphone is the primary device on which they check email. This stat increases with younger audiences: 67% of Generation Z and 59% of Millennials.
  • On average, 63.75% of Gmail users still use the Promotions tab today, with Millennials (70%) and Generation Z (73%) being the most active users.