Shoppers Discover Deals Online, Buy In-Store

Dec 01, 2011

A recent Audience Insight Survey from interclick revealed that two-thirds of Americans learn about in-store sales and deals online, and that online "eCirculars" are replacing print circulars that appear in the Sunday paper. The survey aimed to determine consumer awareness of print and digital circulars, how they affected in-store traffic, and what types of deals consumers looked for in-store.

interclick found that 42% of consumers preferred online advertising to print sources, and 51% of young adults ages 18-34 especially preferred to find in-store deals on eCirculars rather than searching individual retailers' websites or looking in the newspaper. Those with higher household incomes were more likely to look for deals online, and customers who read about deals online were more likely to visit the store. The survey also showed that print circulars tended to drive traffic to one-day sales and rewards points opportunities, while eCircular-shoppers visited the store for entire purchase discounts, BOGO offers, and deals on big ticket items.

The survey was conducted in partnership with Knowledge Networks, Inc.'s KN Dimestore, a digital ad campaign evaluation platform. interclick, which provides a data-driven valuation platform for advertisers, administered the online survey to nearly 950 respondents in November 2011.