Sherpa Software Releases Compliance Attender

Jan 20, 2009

Sherpa Software, an e-discovery and archiving software company, announced a new email management solution for Lotus Notes users. Sherpa Software Compliance Attender archives and filters inbound and outbound email as well as internal messages in real time. Messages are then automatically mapped against administrator-defined policies and restrictions to prevent the transfer of sensitive data before it occurs. At the core of Compliance Attender is Sherpa’s proprietary Real Time Engine technology, which catches messages at the operating system level before they get to the Domino router. Compliance Attender Journaling archives all email into a series of managed repositories, while Compliance Attender Filtering provides administrators with message-management options such as restricting email based on content, group membership, recipient count or total message size. Compliance Attender archives and screens the messages as they occur for increased speed and control over which emails are caught and how they are managed, such as: archive/journal messages, prevent delivery, add classification headers, add disclaimers.