Sharpcast to Introduce Digital Media Management Product

Feb 10, 2006

Sharpcast, a provider of digital media and information management, has introduced the first in a suite of services that can simplify the way individuals manage digital media and information across their desktop computers, mobile devices, and the Web.

Sharpcast will introduce Sharpcast Photos, a digital photo organization and access service designed to give consumers a simple user experience. Sharpcast Photos connects your entire photo collection from your desktop to your mobile phone and the Web, so you can view and manage your entire current collection from anywhere at any time without having to rely solely on a Web browser. Your desktop, mobile phone, and Web stay constantly synchronized, so your collection is always up to date. Pictures taken on your camera phone are instantaneously available on your PC and the Web, without even pressing a button. Pictures organized on your desktop are instantaneously available on your phone and the Web, with an intuitive interface.

Sharpcast Photos Beta will be the first service available from Sharpcast. It's a photo organization and access service consisting of three components that work with each other to provide a digital photo experience: desktop application software for organizing and backing up photos, a mobile phone client application, and a Web account for accessing your entire photo workspace from any browser. Sharpcast Photos Beta will launch initially in the U.S. this spring in an invitation-only beta, with public availability in the U.S. later in the year.