SharkNinja Operationalizes Customer Feedback Data to Develop New Products and Innovate Service Offerings

Sep 17, 2019

In collaboration with Clarabridge Inc., a provider of Customer Experience Management solutions for the world’s top brands, one of America’s leading floorcare and kitchenware companies, SharkNinja, has integrated customer feedback data across its business to create new products and evolve its customer experience. Based on Voice of the Customer (VOC) data from the Clarabridge platform, SharkNinja revamped its customer call journey to increase customer satisfaction by 6%, reduce total call volume by 5%, and lift its NPS score by 42%.

SharkNinja is a relentless innovator in the housewares industry with an unwavering focus on consumer satisfaction. With three contact centers on three separate continents, the company manages over one million customer inquiries a year across phone, email, chat, web reviews, and social media. Clarabridge ingests all of SharkNinja’s customer feedback into its platform, normalizes the data, and reveals nuanced insight into VOC that engineers, marketers, customer service agents, and the C-suite alike can act on. 

With a dedicated ear to VOC, SharkNinja reoriented its customer call journey to match customers to agents, rather than agents to customers. For example, customers who have a technical issue are immediately paired with an agent particularly skilled in resolving tech-related challenges. As a result, SharkNinja customers experience faster call times, increased satisfaction, and a higher likelihood of first-call resolution. Taken together, SharkNinja reduced customer service call volume by 5%, experienced a 6% lift in customer satisfaction, and increased its overall NPS score by 42%. 

Similarly, SharkNinja’s innovative company culture empowers its employees to quickly evolve new product ideas from a concept to an item on store shelves. For example, The Ninja Foodi went from a drawing to a hot-selling product driving significant demand in less than 18 months. With a complete view of customer feedback data across every channel, SharkNinja can continue to develop and deliver five-star products based on what consumers want and need. 

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