ShareMethods Introduces Sharespaces

Mar 20, 2009

ShareMethods announced the release of ShareSpaces, the latest addition to the company’s on-demand collaborative document management service. ShareSpaces are private, interactive workspaces for creating, managing, and sharing content and files with individuals and partners throughout an organization’s ecosystem in a controlled and secure environment. ShareSpaces’ wizard sets up brand-specific ShareSpaces by creating document categories and inviting users with defined roles for collaboration. Content can be copied and distributed between ShareSpaces. ShareSpaces also include support for document versioning, workflow, and community features such as rating, reviews, and tagging. Key applications include Business Partner ShareSpace, Customer Opportunity ShareSpace, Sales Contract ShareSpace, and Ad Agency ShareSpace. ShareSpaces work in association with ShareMethods’ collaborative document management technology, and is fully integrated with and Oracle CRM On-Demand. ShareSpaces are also integrated with EchoSign.