Seuss Buys Back Northern Light

May 27, 2003

C. David Seuss, former CEO of Northern Light, has purchased his search engine from the bankruptcy proceedings of divine Inc. divine paid $12 to $16 million for Northern Light in January 2002 during an attempt to evolve into a software and services corporation. Seuss purchased the company and its assets at auction for a mere $81,000. Northern Light was launched in 1995 and Seuss served as its CEO from July 1996 until divine bought it in 2002. Prior to the auction, Northern Light had no employees, but Seuss is in the process of putting together a new team and has thus far recruited approximately 30 people. While no official relaunch has been scheduled at this time, Northern Light is in talks with existing customers. No long term plans have been established, although Seuss reportedly plans to market the never before released Northern Light Enterprise Search Engine, a 64-bit enterprise search solution that uses Northern Light's patented clustering technology.