SessionCam Enhances Replay Function

Jan 23, 2014

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SessionCam, a creator of technology for recording and understanding customer interaction on e-commerce and other high-traffic websites, has enhanced its session replay product to enable precise website optimization for mobile devices. Using SessionCam's new session replay capability for mobile devices, marketers can see the exact experience they deliver to mobile customers, identify critical issues with usability, and improve conversion levels.

Since 2009, SessionCam has provided a feature-rich solution for session replay. Now SessionCam enables etailers to detect crucial mobile-specific issues. Users can see how a website looks on different mobile devices; watch recordings of individual visitors who access a website from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones; identify common usability issues with websites when accessed from mobile devices, including problems such as tiny text fields, unresponsive buttons, and "calls to action" that are too small. Users can also understand conversion rates by mobile device type and compare these with non-mobile conversion rates, and generate heatmaps to assess page design effectiveness by mobile device type.