Serence Launches KlipFolio 2.0

Nov 08, 2002

Serence Inc. has announced the launch of its second-generation flagship product, KlipFolio 2.0, an information awareness and notification tool that delivers information to end-users. KlipFolio is designed to empower online Content Providers to improve Web site marketing effectiveness and to create new revenue generating services. For the enterprise, KlipFolio enables IT to deliver real-time intelligence and productivity information to knowledge workers. KlipFolio 2.0 is intended to provide online Content Providers with a solution to stimulate customer acquisition, address retention challenges, and generate Web site revenues, by providing a medium that allows end-users to personalize their information; news, weather, stocks, auctions, and weblogs. KlipFolio hopes to optimize knowledge-critical roles within the organization through competitive intelligence monitoring, document change management, research alertness, help desk notifications, job postings, and IT systems awareness. The application can be deployed to individual users or scaled up across the entire enterprise, to unify disparate information sources, monitor information, or make critical knowledge accessible as it happens. KlipFolio 2.0 is available to consumers as a free download at the Serence Web site.