Senexx Announces SolvePath

Jan 22, 2013

Senexx, Inc. announced the availability of SolvePath, an enterprise questions and answers (Q&A) collaboration platform that empowers businesses to provide their employees with fast, easy access to critical knowledge and expertise within their organization. SolvePath is a cloud-based solution that helps eliminate the obstacle of finding a subject matter expert or the right piece of information hidden within the massive volumes of "big data" that exist in today's corporate enterprises. Unlike existing Social Business Software (SBS) systems that force users to spend time going through videos, files, and other content to find the answers to specific questions, SolvePath uses advanced Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms to provide a targeted solution to the information consumption problem. 

SolvePath enables users to ask questions in natural language, explore topics and find experts directly from their organizations' existing email, instant messaging, or internal social networks. In addition, SolvePath also integrates with popular social business networks such as Yammer and LinkedInSenexx also offers custom integrations with other leading CRM, knowledge management, and social business software platforms to help companies build on the investments of these systems.

SolvePath Basic is free and includes system integrations with mail servers, LinkedIn, Yammer, and Google contacts. SolvePath Premium is available at a monthly subscription fee and will include the SolvePath platform along with premium training, support, special administration control, analytics, and custom integrations to key systems such as Zendesk, SharePoint, and SFDC, including those in the basic edition. SolvePath can also be embedded as a web app in existing platforms.