Sendia Introduces Wireless Workspace 2.0

Apr 22, 2005

Sendia Corporation, a wireless business application platform company, has announced the availability of Wireless WorkSpace 2.0, a wireless application mobilization suite that gives enterprise and application developers the power to extend almost any enterprise application to popular wireless handheld devices.

Wireless WorkSpace 2.0 is intended to serve the needs of both large enterprises and small-to medium sized businesses (SMB's) and is available in two editions: the Developer Edition for rapidly designing and developing wireless enterprise applications; and the Enterprise Edition, a complete product suite for deploying and managing those applications.

WorkSpace Server: Multi-layer server that ensures reliable and secure exchange of data between the server and the wireless handheld device; WorkSpace SmartClient: Client-side application that resides locally on the handheld device and provides the rich operating environment for the mobile application. It is deployed over-the-air directly to the device; WorkSpace Console: Web-based management console which provides a broad set of over-the-air administrative capabilities for the deployment, monitoring and remote control of WorkSpace applications; WorkSpace Studio (Developer Edition only): Development environment that enables the swift creation of robust and secure mobile wireless applications in a develop-once-and-deploy-to-any-device framework.

Wireless WorkSpace 2.0 Developer Edition includes the WorkSpace Studio, a development environment designed to allow application developers possessing basic web development skills to develop and test rich mobile applications using an easy drag-and-drop user interface. Wireless WorkSpace Enterprise Edition was designed to provide the platform upon which the mobilized applications run and are managed with a focus on security, manageability, and scalability.