Sendandsee and CH5 Finland Announce Partnership

Dec 28, 2005

Ch5 Finland Ltd and Sendandsee Ltd have announced a broad partnership agreement involving production, and sales and marketing co-operation, to enable fully automated publication to multiple mediums. Navigo CMS and mobiprint enable the automated publication of digital content to paper, the internet, and mobile terminal devices with a single process. At the moment, said mediums are magazines, Web publications and their mobile versions. The Navigo-mobiprint service announced integrates the Navigo CMS content management system with the mobiprint publishing system on process- and data levels. This means that Navigo-mobiprint is integratable to existing systems and processes.

The Navigo CMS content management system by Ch5 Finland is a platform for Web services. Mobiprint by Sendandsee enables production and distribution of digital content to mobile devices. In Navigo-mobiprint, the Navigo CMS system is used to produce and administrate digital content; mobiprint takes care of distribution and availability for mobile phone users. Selected content is transferred from the editorial system to the Web, and a content service that works on most mobile phones, and is browsable without an active network connection, i.e. off-line. Additionally, content can be managed and edited during every phase of the publication process. The marketing and sales of the Navigo-mobiprint service will start immediately.