SendGrid Enhances API Sending Experience

Apr 03, 2018


SendGrid, Inc., a digital communication platform that drives engagement and growth, announced enhancements to its API sending experience, providing customers with a comprehensive and longer, historical view of their email delivery and engagement data. SendGrid’s new email activity feed and history enables customers to easily pinpoint a specific email message and troubleshoot email delivery issues quickly. Data insights derived from advanced search and multiple filter capabilities, along with historical event data of up to 30 days, empower customers to optimize their campaigns and drive more email engagement.

SendGrid’s new enhanced email activity feed expedites the email delivery troubleshooting process. With the advanced search and filtering in SendGrid’s email activity feed, customers can find specific email messages with ease, understand the entire journey of that message, and view the events in that journey sequentially — from processed to delivered, through to opened and clicked. With the ability to purchase a historical view of 30 days of email activity and engagement data, customers can glean powerful insights into the efficacy of their campaigns and refine them to fuel greater success and higher engagement.