Sematext Announces a Monitoring, Alerting, and Anomaly Detection Solution For Apache Spark

Oct 09, 2014

Sematext Group, Inc., a Brooklyn-based performance monitoring and log management solution provider, announced the first dedicated monitoring support for Apache Spark in the latest releases of its SPM performance monitoring solution.

SPM for Spark monitors all Spark metrics for all Spark components - master, workers, driver, and executor. It includes alerting,anomaly detection, log correlation, custom dashboards,events graphing, custom metrics, and more. SPM can be installed on premises or one can use the cloud version run by Sematext, in which case the setup takes less than five minutes before graphs with Spark (and other apps), JVM, and server performance metrics start appearing in real-time.

An enterprise-class solution, SPM is used by Fortune 500 and other organizations to monitor many critical Search and Big Data services, such as Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Solr, ZooKeeper, Cassandra, Storm, Redis, and others.