Semantico Upgrades Access Management System to SAMS 5

Apr 12, 2011

Semantico released the latest edition of its access management system SAMS that has HTML 5 capabilities. SAMS 5 has been redesigned to increase usability for system administrators by adding back-end power to the platform. The new release includes a reports scheduler that allows administrators to save the reports they run and deliver them automatically. SAMS 5 supports the latest Shibboleth standards, enabling integration with a growing number of international federations.

Addressing the convergence between online publishing and e-learning within the education and professional development industries, SAMS 5 also supports SCORM packages and allows educational publishers to deliver publications to the classroom. SAMS is in use on more than 150 websites and has been deployed by large publishers such as Oxford University Press and Macmillan Education to manage user access to online resources.