Semanti Introduces Social Search Tool

Jun 23, 2009

Semanti Corp., a semantic search provider, has announced its new search enhancement tool, which provides users with the ability to help internet users find, retrieve, and share information. Semanti employs a semantic-based search methodology that integrates with Facebook Connect to allow users to search at a social level, and offers new tools for personalized searches. A free browser plug-in, Semanti works with all industry-leading search engines (including Microsoft Bing), so users do not have to change their existing search behaviors.
After downloading the free Semanti plug-in, a user invites their social network members to do so as well. Using their preferred search engines like, friends click on links they find relevant to their inquiries. Then when an individual conducts a search based on a specific topic, the friends’ results and recommendations appear at the top of their search engine results marked as being endorsed by their Facebook friends. For example, a user searching for a new restaurant will benefit from seeing which restaurants their Facebook friends have researched and saved.
Semanti also includes a MyWeb tool: When users find a page they like, they click on a button to save it so it is easy to find again later. Unlike bookmarks or favorites, MyWeb stores the entire page’s text along with the user’s search terms. Later, when the user is searching for the page again, they can find it using their preferred search engine–Semanti will search the text on the user’s saved pages as well as the search terms originally used to find those pages and then display matching results above the usual search engine results. Because the pages are saved by Semanti, the user can access them from any computer without having to worry about whether or not their bookmarks or favorites are on located on a particular computer.