Seismic and MindTickle Partner to Increase Revenue per Rep at Large Enterprises

May 04, 2017


According to SiriusDecisions, 63% of sales reps fail to achieve quota due to improper training or the inability to find and use relevant content. Seismic, an enterprise-grade sales enablement solution, and sales readiness solution MindTickle announced a technology partnership that will attack both issues.

The integration opens up new opportunities for sales reps using both technologies, including:

  • On-demand access to all materials necessary to increase performance: Reps using Seismic and MindTickle can now receive feedback on both presentation dry-runs and the content used within them at any place and time.
  • Just-in-time readiness on new content: Through MindTickle’s training and video coaching capabilities, new content within Seismic will be served with MindTickle modules on how to use it effectively.
  • Valuable information they need to get better: Information collected within MindTickle and Seismic on rep performance and content engagement will now be fed back to each individual rep, enabling reps to continuously and intelligently improve areas of their job that are directly tied to more effectively closing deals.

Benefits of the technology integration also expand to all teams involved in the enablement process, from content creators in marketing to sales ops and training. These benefits include:

  • Holistic sales engagement data
  • New content certification