Seismic Launches NewsCenter to Modernize Enterprise Sales Communications

May 09, 2017

Seismic, an enterprise-grade sales enablement solution, announced the launch of Seismic NewsCenter. Modeled after popular news aggregation and social media apps, NewsCenter is the resource sales reps can turn to at any time to stay updated in real-time on all information that matters most to them. NewsCenter revamps the sales communication process at large enterprises by allowing teams that support sales to distribute important, relevant updates to the right reps in a targeted and digestible fashion.

Designed for mobile, NewsCenter allows sales reps to self-select channels of interest—such as competitive intelligence and industry updates—and get smart so that they can deliver relevant information to a prospect. Reps can also explore additional channels and customize the app to meet their needs and interests. In addition to becoming an engrained part of their morning routine, reps can take advantage of the day’s micro-moments, such as waiting in a lobby before a meeting, to easily explore new information anywhere at any time.