Seismic Collaborates with Microsoft to Improve Sales Productivity and Content ROI at Large Enterprises

Nov 02, 2017

Seismic, a global leader in marketing and sales enablement, announced a series of major product updates that bolster existing integrations with several Microsoft services. In addition, Seismic is integrating Microsoft AI and search functionalities across the entire Seismic platform.

The product upgrades being rolled out by Seismic include:

  • Seismic for Microsoft Dynamics 365: In addition to offering the entire Seismic platform from within Dynamics, Seismic is integrating a predictive content engine to automatically rank the most relevant content for the seller and the buyer at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Sellers will also be able to see why content was recommended without even opening it, as Seismic for Microsoft Dynamics will automatically surface actionable data for each piece of content—such as usage, popularity, and buyer interest based on contextual data from the Dynamics record. 
  • Seismic LiveInsights:Built on Microsoft Power BI, Seismic’s LiveInsights analytics suite now provides visibility into the effectiveness of sales content efforts by automatically surfacing data on platform adoption, content usage, and buyer engagement into one data platform.
  • Seismic WorkSpace:Seismic’s virtual collaboration and coaching platform for marketing and sales teams will be integrated with Microsoft Office 365, allowing marketers and sellers to edit and revise content such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents from within the Seismic platform in addition to providing comments and feedback capabilities.

Having been built and scaled on Azure, Seismic has now incorporated additional Azure offerings into their marketing and sales enablement platform. First, Seismic has integrated Azure Machine Learning into its current proprietary artificial intelligence functionalities to further increase productivity of sales teams and the ROI of sales content. Areas such as the automated tagging and organization of content, delivery of content to sales reps, and accelerating onboarding and sales training are among the first areas of the platform to be bolstered by machine learning, with additional capabilities planned.


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