Seismic Announces Major Salesforce Integration Update to Enable Intelligent Content Collaboration 

Nov 09, 2017

Seismic, the global leader in marketing and sales enablement, announced a major update to its content collaboration feature, Seismic WorkSpace. Leveraging Seismic’s integration with Salesforce, Seismic WorkSpace can now be powered by Salesforce opportunity data, automatically creating content folders and bringing in the right people to add new layers of intelligence and efficiency to marketing and sales content collaboration and collection.

Seismic WorkSpace offers robust content collaboration capabilities for sales and marketing teams working together on important opportunities. Features include the ability to review and provide feedback on documents and presentations via comments and content mark-up, and video annotation, allowing team members to provide frame-by-frame commentary and presentation coaching. Via Seismic’s mobile apps and offline sync, team members have access to materials wherever they are and regardless of internet connectivity.

When integrated with Salesforce, WorkSpace folders are now automatically created and shared with others involved on each Salesforce opportunity along with the most relevant content—both internal and external-facing—centralizing content collection and collaboration efforts right within Salesforce.