SeeFile Introduces DAM Software

Sep 17, 2004

SeeFile Software LLC has introduced its first product, a software package that is designed to allow graphic arts professionals, marketing departments, and research scientists to share large images over the Web.

Features of SeeFile include: A messaging system that allows annotation of individual files and folders; the messages can be used as prompts to guide novice users, as well as a way for collaborators and coworkers to exchange reports and opinions on work in progress. Customization via user-defined logos is available on every screen viewed by customers; the logos are GIF files and can be preset to allow custom views when logging in. A File Actions menu in the browser interface allows almost any image processing script to be applied to selected images; individual users can be given rights to access one, many, or all of these scripts via the SeeFile Web-based administrative interface.

SeeFile, a startup company based in Boston, is targeting the over 90 percent of graphic arts shops that have not yet implemented Web-based digital asset management. Targeted niches include digital photographers, printers and prepress shops, photolabs, advertising agency workgroups and corporate creative departments.

The DAM software runs under Apple's OSX 10.3 (Panther) operating system, and supports browser-based access from both PC's and Macs. The product is available in 3 versions - Entry, Bureau, and Corporate, priced at $1,195, $1,995, and $3,995 respectively. All versions include the same features and differ only in the number of username/password logins and logo displays that that can be set up on the system. The Entry version allows up to 20 separate logins and one logo display; the Bureau version allows 100 logins and 10 different logo displays, and the Corporate version allows unlimited logins and 10 logo displays.