Searchmetrics Launches Content Experience

Apr 27, 2017


Searchmetrics launched an agile content development platform. The Searchmetrics Content Experience is a pathfinding solution that lets writers create content optimized to reach their target group and stand atop search page rankings. Marketers can quickly optimize content production by identifying the right topics to create online content that resonates with current and potential customers.

Internal or external content teams work through an intuitive control console, driven by a deep learning engine, to plan, create and edit content that connects what people are searching for online. Such agile content developments help deliver a more predictable path to revenue gains after publishing.

The Searchmetrics Content Experience aims to demystify the world of SEO for all content marketers, from global to hyper-local, helping them incorporate proven online techniques for ranking online. Using the Searchmetrics Content Experience’s Topic Explorer, marketers get an intuitive understanding of how different topics are related to the search intent of the consumer. The information, obtained by parsing billions of bits of data in seconds, becomes the foundation for creating a content briefing with the marketer’s editorial team.

The Searchmetrics Content Experience also features the Content Editor, a collaboration tool that delivers real-time guidance and feedback while writing on a specific topic. With 250 billion data points to access, users instantly see what keywords and subtopics to optimize around a particular topic, as well as a snapshot of questions potential customers are already asking on the topic.