Searchmetrics Creates Digital Strategies Group

Jun 19, 2018

Searchmetrics, a provider of search and content optimization, announced the launch of the Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group, a services and consulting practice that helps brands and agencies deliver predictable wins in earned media marketing.

Guided by insights gained using award-winning Searchmetrics content marketing software, a team of experienced strategists, SEO tacticians and digital marketers will partner with customers and agencies to create content that consistently rises to the top of search engine results and engages with online audiences.

The heart of the Searchmetrics Digital Strategies group approach is its Agile Content Development methodology, which places the target audience’s voice at the center of content marketing. Using the deep-learning insights of the award-winning Searchmetrics Suite software, Agile Content Development takes an iterative approach that continuously optimizes and aligns content to the changing needs and interests of the target audience.

Each engagement delivered by the Searchmetrics Digital Strategies group begins with detailed diagnostics to understand and evaluate customers’ strategic, technical, content, and SEO efforts. In each case, the aim will be to leave the customer with a strategic and operational foundation that empowers the brand and agency’s SEO and content experts to succeed using the Searchmetrics Digital Strategies Group approach. Brand and agencies also can embed Searchmetrics experts within their organization.

Services will be provided by the following three practice groups:

Strategic Consulting

This is a high-level engagement that aims to help marketing leaders understand how their digital marketing channels are performing, and to identify and quantify growth opportunities. It includes strategic and operational advice for developing new and existing tactics for specific content channels, including mobile and voice. The customer is given a concrete earned media growth plan.

SEO Services

Based on the idea that a superior customer journey begins with a website that performs well in search, Searchmetrics’ data science, software and SEO tacticians will work closely with customers’ SEO and content marketing teams to bolster their search and content efforts. The practice focuses on improving website technical performance, SEO tactics and creating optimized content that drives improved search performance.

Content Services

Content marketing can very often be hit or miss. Searchmetrics’ Content Services tackles this issue by using data and insights about customers’ target audiences, user intent and search performance to develop content marketing strategies that deliver predictable results at scale.