SearchInform Technologies releases new version of Searchinform Internet Server

Jul 10, 2007

SearchInform Technologies has released a new version of SearchInform Internet Server--its internet search product. The new version of SearchInform Internet Server contains limit settings for the downloaded domains. The user may set limitations on links to the pages to be downloaded under the new design. The program also has a new option of setting the maximum volume of one downloaded page and a maximum number of pages downloaded from one domain. The user can set a customized index according to its Smart Indexing technology a certain number of times. SearchInform Internet Server is designed to organize vertical (topical) search through a preset list of resources.

Main features of SearchInform Internet Server: High search and indexing speed; Search integrated into any internet resource; Results displayed in both HTML, and XML format; Simple and user-friendly management system; Smart Indexing technology; Similar search.