SearchInform Technologies Releases Internet Search Product; Announces New Version of SearchInform

Apr 03, 2007

SearchInform Technologies, a company operating in the sphere of corporate full text search technologies, has released SearchInform Internet Server, designed to enable the user to organize search through any given site or a list of resources. SearchInform Internet Server allows the owner of a website or information portal to provide its users with the ability to conduct quality full text search in the contents of the whole resource. Search results are displayed in both HTML and XML formats, which makes them fit the website's custom design. SearchInform Internet Server can also organize vertical (topical) search through a preset list of resources. The program has high reaction speed to any website updates (reindexing takes place at a time interval set by the user) as well as a precise relevance of results compared to most global search engines (as search is conducted only through the previously selected list of relevant to the user resources). The websites to be indexes can be selected not only by topic, but also by their belonging to a certain domain zone (for instance, all sites from .biz zone).

SearchInform Technologies has also introduced a new version of SearchInform, a corporate system of full text search and search for documents with similar content in large databases, featuring added support of popular DjVu format as well as changes in the program's functional and in its performance in the local network. The program is able to index and perform search in DjVu document format. DjVu is a graphic format specially designed and optimized for storing scanned documents. The changes also took place in the program's corporate functions as the process of scanning the local network for SearchInform servers has been enhanced. The program will only locate servers of the same version as the client application. That is, if the client application is version 3.3.08, it will find only analogous servers. Connecting with other server versions could lead to unstable work of the system. Main features of SearchInform 3.3.08, include: phrase search with due consideration to stemming and thesaurus; new SoftInform Search Technology of search for similar documents; indexing speed from 15 to 30 Gb/hour; index size of 15-25% from the actual size of the text data; query caching system; and support of over 60 text formats, Outlook and TheBat electronic messages, mp3 & avi tags, and logs of MSN and ICQ instant messaging programs.