SearchInform Technologies Introduces MailSniffer

Feb 09, 2007

SearchInform Technologies, Inc. has announced a new direction for the company's software into the field of information security. SearchInform MailSniffer provides information security and can prevent the leakage of confidential information.

SearchInform MailSniffer RC intercepts all email traffic on the network protocol level, indexes the intercepted messages, and enables the user to conduct search through them. Regardless of the email client, MailSniffer has access to all sent and/or received messages on a given computer. SearchInform MailSniffer RC is designed to enable the user to conduct quick quality full text search with due consideration to stemming, thesaurus, and word location in a phrase. The search is conducted through all incoming and outgoing correspondence not only in the body of the letter, but also in its attributes and even in the contents of attached files. All intercepted information gets indexed and stored into the database, so that even if a message is deleted from the mail client, its contents will still be available for search. When viewing the history of correspondence between two people, MailSniffer displays it in a chronological order.

User access rights differentiation system implemented in SearchInform MailSniffer RC with its flexible settings is designed to allow for various access patterns. The administrator can assign the access rights in such a way that head of a certain department will be able to view the mailboxes of his subordinates, while they will only be able to access their own. SearchInform MailSniffer RC main features, include: previewing correspondence history with one recipient; full text search in messages and attached files with due consideration to stemming; a similar search feature; control over employees‚ correspondence; and user access rights differentiation.