SearchInform Releases PlagiatInform

Jun 12, 2007

SearchInform Technologies Inc. has released a new product based on its search technologies. PlagiatInform system is a professional tool for identifying plagiarism in documents. PlagiatInform first checks the work being turned in, comparing it to those already in the database. If the percent of plagiarism in the work is low, the work is divided into paragraphs and then gets compared to the database of previously submitted works, also divided into paragraphs. This is designed for the user to see where the plagiarized extracts were taken from and what changes have been made. PlagiatInform’s scalability capacities are designed to allow the system to work with large volumes of information (collection of papers and essays). If the software’s capacity is not sufficient to process new documents, its capacity can be increased without any changes to the general structure. This ability also allows for creating a single information space for all geographically distributed faculties and subsidiaries.