SearchInform Launches New Version

Aug 22, 2006


SearchInform Technologies, an operator in the area of information technologies with focus on searching, storing, and processing information, has announced the release of SearchInform 2.3.01, a program of full text search and search of documents of similar content. The new version's indexation process is improved and the list of mail clients accessible for indexing was extended.

SearchInform 2.3.01 main functions include phrase search with attention to stemming and synonyms dictionary, a SearchInform technology of similar document search, high indexing speed (from 15 to 30 GB/hour), index size of no more than 15-25% of the actual text information volume, support of 50 text file formats, electronic messages Outlook and TheBat, mp3 and avi tags, Microsoft Instant Messenger and ICQ logs, and operations with archives and universal data sources (indexing of DBMS fields and information systems).