Search and Social Volume Continues to Show Double-digit Growth Year-Over-Year

May 02, 2017

Kenshoo, a provider of agile marketing, released a new infographic, Kenshoo Digital Marketing Snapshot: Q1 2017, highlighting the continued impact that mobile, product-focused and video ad types deliver for social and search advertisers. Social ad spending increased 41% year-over-year (YoY) supported by substantial growth in video ad (153%) and Dynamic Product Ad (202%) spending. In search, increased spending on mobile ads (45%) resulted in a 10% rise in total search spend YoY as mobile provided the majority of search clicks for the second straight quarter.

Other key findings include:

  • Social impressions increased 14% YoY but decreased 9% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ)
  • Social clicks increased 45% YoY but decreased 9% QoQ
  • Social click-through rate (CTR) increased 27% YoY and 1% QoQ
  • Social cost-per-thousand (CPM) impressions increased 24% YoY but decreased 8% QoQ
  • Paid search impressions increased 2% YoY but decreased 7% QoQ
  • Paid search clicks increased 11% YoY but decreased 3% QoQ
  • Paid search click-through rate increased 9% YoY and 4% QoQ

Additionally, advertisers have started shifting away from the generic page post link ads in social to capitalize on new ad types offering dedicated functionality to better engage target audiences. For example, even as the video-intensive election season concluded, video ads on social maintained a nearly 30% share of social ad spending. In paid search, Expanded Text Ads now make up a majority of search clicks, with the evolved ad format helping drive overall engagement with traditional paid search keyword ads.