SealedMedia Introduces SealedMedia Express for Board Communications

Jun 20, 2006

SealedMedia Inc., an Enterprise Digital Rights Management (E-DRM) provider, has introduced SealedMedia Express for Board Communications. The software enables ‘remote control' over documents and emails, encrypting information as it is sent to others and ensuring only authorized people--in this case, senior executives and board members--can read, forward, copy, print, edit, or even take a ‘screen grab' of the information, regardless of where it is stored or on how many digital devices.

SealedMedia Express for Board Communications enables secure electronic communication among executives and non-executive external board members while auditing access to sensitive documents and email, wherever they are used. SealedMedia's technology provides persistent protections: Only authorized users can access, edit, and share digital information; and a centralized rights server maintains ongoing control over the digital information, regardless of its location. SealedMedia Express for Board Communications works in any networked IT environment and can typically be deployed in less than an hour.