Scrivito Released Serverless Web CMS

Mar 13, 2018


Scrivito, an award-winning pioneer in Web Content Management (CMS) technologies, announced the general availability of a serverless JavaScript-based CMS. Scrivito is based on ReactJS, the JavaScript library invented and backed by Facebook, which makes Scrivito-based websites faster, more flexible and far easier to manage. Built for digital agencies and medium- to large-sized businesses, Scrivito says it makes it easy for web editors and developers to build, edit, and manage powerful websites, microsites, landing pages, event sites and more.

Scrivito is a modern web CMS at the forefront of the JavaScript Web Development Revolution, empowering editors to develop, view, edit, and rearrange content and structure, on the fly, in a secure environment, while still maintaining full extensibility for developers. Specifically, Scrivito delivers: WYSIWYG interface; drag-and-drop interface and modular widgets enable editors to freely input and move text, images or video and edit directly on the page. Plus, editors can readily view see how a site will look on a phone, tablet, and desktop while making edits.

Scrivito's serverless technology, based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables teams to finally end the practice of constantly patching their CMS installations. Pages feel more like native apps on mobile devices and desktop browsers. And because the logic is rendered locally and the amount of data transferred from external servers is minimized, pages load – and reload – faster. All changes during development can be viewed live in the browser, eliminating long compile/test cycles. Thanks to React’s flexibility, complex and interactive functionality such as configurators or multi-page forms are easy to implement and reuse. Scrivito is easily extendable because it doesn’t require any infrastructure. Developers and editors can create their own widgets and data structures on the fly.