Scribd Launches iPaper and Platform

Feb 26, 2008


Internet document-sharing site Scribd has announced a new format, called iPaper, which it has built for the web. iPaper is the first full-featured web-based document viewer and is more like a YouTube video than it is like PDF. Through a Flash widget that streams documents from Scribd’s servers, document can be viewed directly in a browser without software downloads. To date, document viewing applications, like Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word, have been designed as installed software and sold per copy. iPaper takes document viewing online, letting users publish and view documents inside their web browser for free. The primary design goals of iPaper were that it be fast, light, and easy to use. At 100 KB, the iPaper application is about 1/1000th the size of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader software. Despite its small size, iPaper integrates Scribd’s social features, like emailing and embedding, and a security system that allows content owners to protect their work without using a DRM solution. Scribd also announced the launch of the Scribd Platform set of tools, which allows users to bring iPaper to their own website. The Scribd Platform gives website users several ways to use iPaper, from an API for experienced developers to options that require no programming knowledge at all.