ScribbleLive Announces Launch of ScribbleLive Plan

Mar 22, 2016

ScribbleLive, a provider of content marketing tools, announced the rollout of ScribbleLive Plan. ScribbleLive Plan guides and supports marketing teams from strategy to execution. According to the company, the product ensures that every piece of content, whether it's a single tweet or webinar series, is aligned to the same goals, focused on the right personas, and working as efficiently as possible to move the needle.

ScribbleLive Plan gives marketing teams a foundation to create, document, and execute their marketing strategies. This is done by leveraging the product framework to build personas, set business goals, and manage project progress. In addition, ScribbleLive Plan helps relieve the burden of team silos, enabling marketers to work together more seamlessly.

This product will allow marketers to further harness the power of the ScribbleLive content marketing platform to plan, create, distribute and measure marketing efforts to drive top of funnel growth and transform marketing effectiveness.