ScribbleLive Announces Key Updates to Its Engage Product

May 05, 2016


ScribbleLive, a provider of content, marketing, and publishing technology announced key updates to its Engage product, a solution brands and publishers use today to create and publish content experiences to drive audience engagement. The ScribbleLive Engage product announcement highlights the changing landscape for both publishers and brands. Both need to continue to look for new ways to engage with their audiences. Brands need to produce content experiences that educate, entertain, and build relationships with their customers, while guiding the path to purchase. And Publishers need to establish new connections to build experiences that continue to add value and open up opportunities for monetization.

According to ScribbleLive, each of the updates in the new release focus on making it easier for users to see more success through data driven, creative solutions. Namely, the rollout includes a redesign of the UX in the main interface, enhancements to the core curation tool, the Discovery Hub, and the introduction of a net new advanced Moderation Hub. The updates, the company says, give users a redesigned central workspace to publish richer content experiences more seamlessly to any of their digital channels in one click. With a broader choice of formatting options, users have more flexibility on what they publish to create consistent on-brand experiences for their audiences. The updates also set the stage to easily add new sources to curate from as customer needs arise. This helps to ensure Engage users that they'll be able to continuously produce content experiences that have the greatest relevancy and reach with their audience.

There's also a brand new Moderation Hub within the central interface that now acts a staging area for users to plan, review, and organize content from across multiple sources before publishing. This gives users greater flexibility in what and when certain content is published. This update works to support many use cases for both brands and publishers including more seamless control when moderating questions during live chats and Q&A, as well as when UGC is being integrated into the experience.