ScribbleLive Acquires Visually

Feb 02, 2016


ScribbleLive announced that it has acquired Visually, a content creation platform. The integration of the two companies' platforms and solutions will create an all-in-one content marketing platform that marries data science with content creation.

ScribbleLive's marketing solution combines data science with content planning, creation, and distribution technologies to deliver optimized business results. Visually is a day-to-day content partner that enables brands to engage audiences through premium, original content. By combining a network of creative professionals and an online project management platform, Visually says it delivers content more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional models.

Visually CEO Matt Cooper will continue to lead the Visually marketplace of creative professionals and also assumes responsibility for ScribbleLive's content marketplace platform. This acquisition also expands Toronto-based ScribbleLive's U.S. presence to Silicon Valley, where the Visually team and many customers are headquartered. It also adds more than 1,000 customers to ScribbleLive's client base.

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