Scopus Aids Researchers with Citation Tracker

Jan 27, 2006

Scopus, an abstract and citation database of research information and Web sources, has announced the Scopus Citation Tracker, a new feature available to all subscribers that enables researchers to evaluate research using citation data. The Scopus Citation Tracker can assist researchers and librarians by providing them with a way to check and track citation data for the purposes of gaining intelligence about articles, authors, their own published work, and research trends.

The Scopus Citation Tracker offers intelligence about the influence of a set of articles, an author or group of authors over time, so users can spot trends. Users can control the specific articles and date ranges they want to evaluate and navigate through the cited and citing literature using a visual table of citations broken down by article and chronology.

The Scopus Citation Tracker gives an on-the-spot overview of citation data for any set of articles over a date range selected by the user. The Scopus Citation Tracker allows users to: find the cited authors in a field; find and track hot topics in specific subject areas; check up-to-date citation data on specific authors and articles; and track and evaluate research trends.