Scirus Expands its Repository Search Service

Dec 13, 2005

Elsevier has announced that its free science-specific search engine, Scirus, is expanding its repository search service to Europe by partnering with DiVA--Academic Archive On-line--to index its repositories, and to power the search on the portal site. DiVA is a joint program of Scandinavian universities to publish, preserve, and collect all of their academic content in the DiVA repository solution.

DiVA, a cross-institutional repository, was developed by the Uppsala University Library in late 2001 to support workflow for both electronic publishing and printing. The repository consists of over 6,600 documents, including full-text doctoral theses, dissertations, monographs, and undergraduate theses. As part of the partnership, Scirus will also participate in a joint communications program designed to demonstrate the value and increase awareness of the repository on the campuses of member institutes.