ScienceDirect Upgraded

Apr 15, 2008

Elsevier, a publisher of scientific, technical, and medical (STM) information, announced that new reference and navigational features have been added to its online STM platform, ScienceDirect. The new features, which were developed in cooperation with researchers, deliver results with fewer clicks. Additionally, researcher comments and ratings from 2collab, Elsevier's free web-based collaborative platform, will be integrated with the articles in ScienceDirect. ScienceDirect now offers preview tabs - on the results page or table of contents page - that facilitate one-click access to these components, without the page reloading, enabling a seamless and simple research process. An article toolbox also improves navigation by bringing together all of the article-related functionality including "Cited By", "Download PDF", "E-mail Article" and more, into one location. Researchers can now view reference information when their cursor moves over a reference marker in the body of an article. The information shown includes links to the referenced articles (if available). Researchers will be able to view or download the referenced paper immediately if they wish. Previously, reference information was only available at the foot of the article page.

ScienceDirect will also use Elsevier's online collaboration platform, 2collab. Subject to a phased release over the coming months, the integration of 2collab will let researchers share, discuss, and rate article bookmarks to articles and organize articles by adding tags. The comments, ratings, and tags that researchers add to articles will be included on each article page in ScienceDirect.