Scholastic Introduces TrueFlix

Jan 06, 2011


Children's publishing company Scholastic, Inc. released online learning resource TrueFlix, which includes digitized nonfiction titles from the Children's Press book series True Books. With the tool, teachers in grades 3-5 can help build students' subject content knowledge in science and social studies. Forty-seven titles to date have been digitized with more to come; topics range from climate change and black holes to the Declaration of Independence.

Using streaming video, online articles and images, and the books themselves, teachers can present content in the classroom on a whiteboard. Students are provided a username and password, which will allow them to access the resource from their home computers or a library computer.

Each TrueFlix topic includes a lesson plan, an assessment tool to monitor student progress, project ideas, and a speech-to-text audio feature to help students who require extra assistance with reading. Web links are provided for further online exploration.