SchemaLogic Gets $12.7 Million in Funding; Delivers Business Semantics Management Solution

Jul 17, 2007


SchemaLogic has announced the release of its Business Semantics Management software designed for media and publishing enterprises. SchemaLogic customers include the Associated Press (AP), Corbis, Reed Business International, and the International Press and Telecommunication Council (IPTC). SchemaLogic has also announced that it has completed its Series C round of financing, which raised $12.7 million in additional funds. This funding, led by Goldman Sachs, is intended to enable SchemaLogic to sustain the media and publishing vertical market as well as other focused vertical markets including oil & gas, government, and life sciences. SchemaLogic’s software has been designed to manage the definition and relationships between content tags so that each individual in each department can continue to work in a way that makes sense, while the semantic differences are resolved by the technology. SchemaLogic delivers this solution for media and publishing customers based on their SchemaLogic Enterprise Suite.


For more information, please see ITI's newsbreak: New SchemaLogic Solution for Media Launched