Sawyer Media Systems Releases Enterprise Media Producer 2.0

Oct 21, 2003

Sawyer Media Systems, Inc., a provider of enterprise media solutions, has announced the release of Enterprise Media Producer 2.0, a suite of software components designed to help companies create, manage, deliver, and measure rich media-enabled business communications.

Enterprise Media Producer 2.0 includes the following components: MediaPresenter-A Flash-based portal that displays compelling rich media programming. MediaAdministrator-An internal application for managing and deploying media content. MediaDistributor-Peer-based technology that allows high-speed distribution and viewing of media files across distributed organizations-even behind a corporate firewall. MediaCaster-Webcasting tool that enables complete self-production of online events in marketing, sales, and corporate training. MediaReporter-Integrated reporting of media usage statistics. MediaMailer-Rich media email assembly, distribution, and reporting. MediaBlueprints-Media templates.

Enterprise Media Producer 2.0 is anchored by MediaPresenter, the company's flagship product, which comes bundled with MediaAdministrator and MediaBlueprints. MediaBlueprints are quick-start templates that are intended to help companies to customize MediaPresenter based on the type of audience they are targeting. Companies can purchase the other components separately, to ensure they create enterprise media solutions that are tailored to their needs.