Saskia Limited Implements Equilibrium MediaRich Image Server

Feb 21, 2003

Equilibrium, a provider of rich-media servers for the enterprise, has announced that Saskia Ltd., an online cultural documentation company, has selected Equilibrium MediaRich Image Server to automate the transformations for digital images and deliver the requested iterations through a self-service online catalog. The end-results are to increase top line revenues and bottom line profits by streamlining the image ordering process, decreasing image preparation costs and leverage the Internet to deliver content to customers more efficiently. Equilibrium MediaRich is server-based software that is designed to automate image production and enable the dynamic delivery of visual assets to the Web, wireless, and print media. Prior to using MediaRich, Saskia prepared all images manually with Adobe Photoshop for editing and Equilibrium's desktop product, DeBabelizer, for batch processing. By integrating Equilibrium MediaRich Image Server with Microsoft VB.NET, SQL Server and their Windows IIS environment, Saskia intends to set up site templates to generate image transformations for all 16,000 of their original source images such as thumbnails, digital watermarking, and dynamic delivery in the requested format, resolution, and dimensions on the fly.

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