Sandlot Corporation Launches EclipseNet 6.0

Oct 08, 2002

Sandlot has released EclipseNet 6.0, the latest version of its subscription management software that is designed to enable businesses to track and control processes such as marketing, billing, distribution, customer service, and access control. EclipseNet 6.0 tracks and stores extensive business intelligence about customers, business processes, and finance. For example, the software tracks customer buying behaviors, demographic profiles, payment histories, sales lead sources, and subscription renewal patterns. EclipseNet 6.0 also records all financial transactions and summarizes them in a report format. Other capabilities of EclipseNet 6.0 include managing subscription order options (i.e. gift, free, and special offers) and giving members access to Web content according to time, unit, volume, or other parameters. EclipseNet 6.0 provides installment billing and level-of service premiums to subscribers who renew their subscriptions and show brand loyalty. EclipseNet 6.0 is also Web services-enabled and possesses an XML schema for subscription transactions. This focus on Web services is intended to allow customers to integrate subscriptions into their existing Web services implementations and write custom code to expand or modify the functionality of the software.