Sales, Corporate Demand, Branding are Top Content Challenges for B2B Enterprises

Sep 29, 2016

Heading into the final quarter of 2016, marketing executives are feeling pressure from many sides of their organizations to produce great content, according to “Conquer Your Content: The Future of Content Marketing,” a new study by Seismic and Gatepoint Research. In a survey of 100 B2B marketing executives primarily from Fortune 1000 companies, corporate demands for updated content, cross-department branding initiatives, and keeping up with one-off content requests from sales teams are listed among the most time-consuming and demanding issues.

Nearly half (47%) of respondents rated their ability to handle content as being either average or worse, with only 18% completely satisfied with their current content management methods. When asked to name their most pressing challenges with content management, respondents cited the following:

  • Sales people asking for one-off update requests (56% of respondents)
  • Content going unused by sales teams because they don’t know where to find it (52%)
  • Not knowing what content is working and what isn’t (38%)
  • Not being able to keep up with corporate demands for updated content (24%)

Branding initiatives and the process of ensuring that content and collateral includes brand-approved colors, logos, taglines, etc., are also creating an exorbitant amount of work for marketing teams. Sixty-nine percent of marketing executives stated that updating content to reflect proper branding takes more than three months to complete, with 34% saying that implementing such changes take more than six months.

What is to blame for content management challenges at large enterprises? The study indicates that outdated technologies and processes are driving inefficiencies, particularly when it comes to equipping sales reps with content. Email attachments (74% of respondents) remain the most popular method of distributing content to sales reps, and 18% said they are still delivering content through physical media, such as printed documents and CDs. Additionally, 23% said that they lack a central repository to store content, and only 22% have the analytical capabilities to see with which prospects sales reps are sharing content.