Safari Books Online and Pearson Technology Launch Safari Library

Oct 03, 2006

Safari Books Online, a joint venture of O'Reilly Media, Inc. and Pearson Technology Group, has introduced Safari Library, an online searchable reference library service that provides unlimited access to all technical books available on Safari Books Online. Safari Books Online currently includes more than 4,000 books from technical and business publishers O'Reilly Media, Pearson Technology Group, and others.

Safari Library features an online searchable reference library of vetted information across thousands of books with no access restrictions. Safari Library also includes access to Safari Books Online's Rough Cuts service, which features books in progress about topics for professionals to access now, rather than having to wait for several months for a book to go through editing and other processes required for formal publication. Safari Library includes five chapter download tokens per month and a 35% discount on print-book purchases. Safari Books Online is offering charter subscription rates for Safari Library of $39.99 per month or $439.99 per year, guaranteed for life, for users who subscribe by February 28, 2007.