SWT Builds Relationship with Captiva

Dec 28, 2004


SWT, a European specialist in automatic extraction of data and electronic document management solutions, has announced the expansion of its relationship with Captiva Software Corporation, a provider of input management solutions. The two companies have been collaborating on joint sales opportunities for Captiva's Digital Mailroom, an automated classification and routing system for digitized images of inbound and electronic communications. The Digital Mailroom was developed to automatically recognize, index, and route documents to the appropriate department, person, or workflow, for processing with full auditing capabilities. SWT's b-Wize Dispatcher technology is designed to automatically classify and extract data from any type of document.

Captiva Software Corporation is a provider of input management solutions and its products have been used to manage information from paper, faxed, and electronic forms, documents, and transactions. These products automate the processing of forms, documents, and transactions annually, converting their contents into information that is usable in database, document, content, and other information management systems. Captiva's technology serves users in insurance, financial services, government, business process outsourcing, manufacturing, and other markets.
(www.captivasoftware.com; www.swt-concept.com/us)