STN Launches Windows Version of STN Express with Discover!

Dec 23, 2003

STN International, a provider of sci-tech online databases has enhanced its software for professional database searches. The Windows version 7.0 of STN Express with Discover! contains new features for STN database searches and for post-processing of results, including an interactive CA thesaurus. When a term is used in the search query for which synonyms exist in the CA thesaurus, the program will highlight this term in the search line. The CA thesaurus can be opened by clicking the right mouse key and also allows users to expand the search term. If "Add terms" is selected, STN Express with Discover! 7.0 adds the matching terms to the current search query.

STN Express with Discover! 7.0 for Windows also includes aids, called wizards. The Select Discover! Wizard, a part of STN Express with Discover!, keeps a log of the current search history and displays it as a list of L-numbers. All wizards available for searching and results processing in version 7.0 are shown as click-on buttons at the left and at the right side of the L-numbers. When touching an L-number with the mouse, the search query preceding this search step is displayed. A mouse click can then activate the corresponding wizards available for this L-number.

STN Express with Discover! 7.0 also offers a Variable Group Analysis feature for chemical information retrieval. Using this feature, the common substructures of chemical substances contained in an answer set can be displayed as tables and/or structure images, also indicating the node of R-Groups. There are also functions for modifying R-Groups during the post-processing.  In the structure database REGISTRY, other wizards help to find similar or identical polymers through the "POLYLINK" function and to search similar biosequences with "SEQLINK".

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