STN International Launches French and British Patent Databases

Dec 02, 2003

FIZ Karlsruhe, European service center of STN International, provider of sci-tech online databases has announced several new patent databases. The new reference database FRANCEPAT contains abstracts of patent applications and patents published by the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (INPI), France, since 1966. The new databases FRFULL and GBFULL to be launched on STN in 2004 will provide full-texts of French and British patent documents.

Thomson-Derwent, database producer and sales partner of STN, has developed an alert service with its new database "WPI First View", a complementary file to its "World Patents Index" (WPINDEX). In "WPI First View," patent information from 16 industrial nations as well as from other countries is published without further processing, thus making it available on STN as quickly as possible after publication by the respective patent offices. Regular searches are aimed to support the strategic monitoring of international markets.

STN International currently hosts approximately 220 sci-tech online databases, 30 of which are dedicated to patent information. Numerous other specialist databases, e.g. in the fields of chemistry and biotechnology, also provide subject-related patent information. STN International can be accessed either through proprietary data networks or via the Internet. Upon request, automatic alert (SDI) services regularly search for relevant information according to predefined search queries from customers. Full-texts of patent documents can be retrieved using the STN Full-Text Solution. Documents electronically available with a supplier of full-texts can either be directly displayed or ordered online with FIZ Karlsruhe's document delivery broker service FIZ AutoDoc. This service can also procure documents that are only available in printed form.  

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